Things to keep in mind to stay warm in winters

Winter is a lovely season with plentiful joys like snow, chrisms festivity, chilly winds and mugs of stifling coffee. It is also crucial in winter to keep yourself warm and cozy by using different means.

Here are a few tips which will help you to stay warm in winters does not matter how cold is outside

Dress Accordingly to the Season

The first thing that can keep you warm in winters is your dress and costumes. Always dressed accordingly weather or seasonal conditions. Wrap yourself in layers like thinnest one wear first and dens one wear on last. Layering keeps your body warmer as compared to wearing a heavy jacket or coat. Always wear winter hat on head, wool scarf round neck and gloves on hands. Boots and joggers are also requisite to stay warm. Wear your glasses too if it is snow outside

Stay Active

Physical activity is another easy method to keep your body warm. Indulge yourself in such activities as exercise, playing football and a brisk walk to boost your body temperature. Sitting idle can decrease your body temperature and feel colder. Never put your feet on the bare floor to catch a cold. So stay active to keep yourself warm.

Intake of Warm Fluids

1- To upsurge your body temperature increase the intake of warm fluids. There are numerous options like hot coffee, tea, green /herbal tea, and most nutritious soups or broth. Hot Soups are extremely beneficial in winters as they keep you warm and supply essential nutrients to the body. If you are traveling outside, then you can carry warm water to drink. Keep yourself hydrated even in winters is also essential. Avoid taking alcoholic drinks as they decrease the inner core temperature.

Heating Your Home

If you are staying longer at home, then Maintenance of home temperature is also very important during winters. You can use different heating equipment like gas or electric heaters and blowers for this purpose. Keep all flammable things away from heaters for safety purposes. Shield your windows and doors with heavy curtains and thermal lining. Use keyhole cover to block the chilly wafts. Indulge yourself in baking and surprisingly oven heat can also increase your home temperature. Adjust your thermostat according to climate to get supreme benefits.

Humidify Your Home

Must use a humidifier at your home while using heaters to evade aridity. If you don’t have a humidifier then put a large pot of water on the stove on full heat and open the kitchen door to spread the steam.

Take Hot and Steamy Showers

Hot and steamy showers not only relieve stress and make you calm but also help in elevating your body temperature. So, take a hot water bath regularly in winter. Steam can help to humidify your home to avoid dryness and a shortage of oxygen.

Final Advice

Never use any drug or pill which claims to warm your body or elevate your body temperature.

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